How to Rename Blogger Label | Create and Delete Blogger Label

How to Rename Labels
How to Rename Labels 

How to Rename Blogger Label | Create and Delete Blogger Label

How to Rename Blogger Label:You want to rename or edit Your Blogger Label But you not get this. we discuss about edit or rename blogger label and also Create and Deleted Blogger label

How to Rename Blogger Label
edit a blogger label

Labeling your diary posts is important not solely as a result of it keeps contents unionised however it additionally helps in creating your diary easy. This helps your diary guests to consistently notice the contents they're searching for and additionally to urge the similar contents thereunder explicit label. Blogger by default permits users to quickly add labels to posts. you'll be able to simply add labels to diary posts below the Post settings however it's extremely troublesome if you would like to rename any of your label name and additionally if you would like to delete any label as Blogger doesn't offer such wayshowever following a bit trick we are able to simply edit (rename) and delete the labels if we wish to try and do thereforetherefore lets begin the tutorial to find out a way to produce, rename and delete labels in diaryger blog.

Let's perceive making, renaming and deleting labels on an individual basis for higher convenience.

How to Rename Blogger Label
add a label

How to Create Blogger Label

Creating Blogger Labels :

For labeling single post, will|you'll|you'll be able to} use the Blogger Post Editor > Post Settings > Labels (You can check the below image for higher understandings) 
But what if we wish to assign label to multiple posts? Lets check it out.

2.For doing thereforesimply click on Posts Tab of your diary Dashboard.

Now you may see list of your diary Posts

Click on multiple posts of your alternative (you wish to assign label with) victimization the check box on the left.
After that, select the label possibility from on top of and click on on the label you would like to assign the chosen multiple posts. as an alternativeyou'll be able to produce a replacement label too.
That's it! you've got learnt making labels on Blogger.
How to Rename Blogger Label
create a new label

How to Rename Blogger Label

How to Rename Blogger Label
rename a blogger label

Renaming (Editing) Blogger Labels :

Blogger doesn't support renaming labels by default. however you'll be able to do therefore with a bit tweak. simply follow the steps mentioned below. 

To do so, 1st get an inventory of all posts below an explicit label by clicking on the Label choice button on the top-right.

So suppose I wished to list all posts with the label "Beginner's Guide". i'll merely choose that individual label from the choice button.
Now tick the press box on the left to pick all posts of that label. 
Again, from the labels sink menu, click the New Label and Enter the new name of the label there (which you would like the previous label to urge renamed) 

Now, of these posts are assigned to freshly named label. After that, you simply ought to once more click tick box to pick all posts of the previous label and from label sink menu click on the previous label name to get rid of that label from the posts. 

This label can get far from your posts and can mechanically gets deleted if no post is assigned thereto.
That's all! you simply learnt renaming blogger labels too. 

How to Rename Blogger Label
renaming blogger label

How to Delete Blogger Label

Deleting Blogger Labels :Blogger mechanically delete the labels that aren't assigned to any post. therefore if you would like to delete any label then merely unassign it from each post and it'll mechanically gets deleted.
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