How to Remove footer credits from any blogger template?

How to Remove footer credits
How to Remove footer credits

How to Remove footer credits from any blogger template?

How to Remove footer credits-Do You Use Free Blogger Templates and You Not able To remove Your footer Credit.Come And Check now You can do it.

How are these footers actually encrypted?

How to Remove footer credits
How to Remove footer credits

  1. The template authors design the template with all the inline javascripts.
  2. Take each javascript and pack it with necessary code that places back the footer credits in case you try to remove it.
  3. Hex encode the script to obfuscate it as shown below.
Javascript code that has been packed helps to compress as well as to obfuscate the code. The reasons for this will be to reduce the size of the original Javascript code as well as make it harder for someone to work out what is going on and to steal it. Obviously if you have spent time and effort writing a cool widget or piece of code you don't really want every tom dick and harry coming along and ripping your code without payment or even acknowledgement. 

Why query responsive function and other features are lost when we edit the code shown above?

Basically when we are editing or removing something in the packed script or hex encoded script we make it useless to render. We are actually not editing the script that only replaces the footer link but, we are changing the entire script. So, obviously the useful script function turns out useless along with the code that replaces footer credits.

Is there no way to remove credits without loosing the features of the useful script??

As I always say 
Where there is a will, there is a way.
 Yes, we have two procedures to remove only the script that replaces footer credits back.

  • First one is useless according to me. It goes like this "Disable all the java script using no-script tag in css". I don't prefer this one because script is mandatory for my templates.
  • And the Second ..Here it comes, buckle up your seat belts and concentrate.

Simple Method:

Go to your theme and select Html Mode and in html Mode Find This two things in the pictures 

How to Remove footer credits
How to Remove footer credits

and starting with function(f,g,c,b )
Somethings like that
JUst remove this Portion and edit It as you want Then done You have completely done

Process to unpack a packed java script and remove hex encoding:

So, we have two jobs to accomplish. First is to find if any packed java script is present and unpack it which is then followed by hex decoding.

1. Unpacking java script and removing of footer credits and URL redirects

Fore most step is open your template with an editor or directly in template edit section of your blogger account.

search for the following line


you may find multiple instances. Remember to repeat the procedure for all the packed codes. Consider for example I find the following code.


I'll copy the code completely from "eval(" to last occurance of ")"  as shown in the image. Then go to the following link and paste your code under paste section then click Unpack.

After unpacking you may get a code like the one shown below

So, are you thinking why I've highlighted the code at last ignoring the other? Here is the answer.

The above code snippet shows the unpacked script packed in templateism blogger template. If you know a little Java Script you can easily find that this one is the code that encrypts the footer. The above script is written to redirect to if we remove the footer credits.

You may not find exactly the same one in all template but I can say that you can find something starting with "$(document).ready(" and there will be a url after it. So, remove the similar code I've highlighted form "$(document" to last occurrence of ")" i.e, closing brace.

Repeat the same procedure with all other packed functions.

Copy the packed function code (starts with "eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d)").
Goto and unpack it.
Replace the unpacked code in the place of packed code.
Remove everything starting from "$(document).ready(" to ")" last closing brace.

2. Remove encoded script using Hexdecoder:

Some webmasters use this technique to hide their footer encrypting code. Its very simple to find the hex encoded. It is a very long list of hexadecimal characters stored in an array variable. In java script we use "var" to declare a variable. You can see the snippet below to get an idea how the hex encoded script looks.

Now copy all the code starting from "var" to  last semicolon of script. Click the below link and paste the entire copied code in the box and click on decode.

Then replace the decoded script with the one that is present in your template. At the end in the decoded script, you can find a code looking like the one below (not exactly same but similar)

and you code is decorated.
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